SDL_Chomik is an extension of the Chomik language. Its interpreter - sdl_chomik has been written in C++. You may use it in your own C++ projects.


You may clone the chomik git repository from:

For Windows

Here are the binaries of chomik and sdl_chomik for Windows:
They require the following DLLs (win32 versions):
  • libfreetype-6.dll
  • libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll
  • libharfbuzz-0.dll
  • libjpeg.dll
  • libpng16-16.dll
  • libtiff.dll
  • libwinpthread-1.dll
  • SDL2.dll
  • SDL2_image.dll
  • SDL2_ttf.dll
  • zlib1.dll

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