Fantasy is a fantasy game written in the SDL_Chomik language. It requires sdl_chomik version 0.1.2 (or later).


You can download the fantasy repository from: fantasy_chomik_demo-0.0.5.tar.gz.

Type "./configure", then "make run".



In the world of the game there are multiple places, like for example Wyzima or Novigrad. Your name is Gotrek and you may also meet some NPCs (Gerrudir and Gwaigilion). Each of you is in one of the places. You are free to move to other locations.


Some of the places can require a key to enter. If any of the characters present has the key required to open a place then the place is automatically opened and everyone enters the place. For most actions you need to enter a place, especially actions like telling another character something or asking him for something.

The keys can be found in various places. (You do not have to enter a place to pick up a key).


Each of the characters, including yourself, has a parameter called "patience". When entering a new place it is set to the max value (3). After every action performed the patience is decreased. When one runs out of patience he moves to a different location. Note, however, that a character can move elsewhere before he runs out of patience, especially if nobody has the key required to open a place they are in.

If a character asks another character about some information he expects an answer, therefore his patience is not decreased at this very action.


When you see the other characters then you can see/hear their actions and will be notified about them. Also when you tell for example Gerrudir something and Gwaigilion is present there, then Gwaigilion will hear you.


The NPCs are simple folks. They usually believe what they are told.


Each character may attack the other characters. If he succeeds - he may obtain some keys of the attacked one.



enter - activate current decision
backspace - select other decision
escape - select other decision (move elsewhere)
left arrow key, right arrow key - change the menu

Copyright by Pawel Biernacki, 2023 Vantaa